The Girls Behind Upstyle

A couple months back, we finally got together with one of our favorite photographers (and great friend!) for some new head shots. We knew Dom's was the perfect spot + the right vibe - white walls, plants and delicious coffee. 

We've made some updates to our website, and encourage you to check our our 'team' section, where you will find a little background on each of us. You can also read more about the company here. For now, enjoy some fun (and random) facts about us + check out these fab pictures by Victoria Gloria Photography.

Brittany | Founder | Lead Hairstylist

A beauty product that you can’t live without: Dry shampoo - my favorite brand being “Rockaholic” by Tigi. I use it even when my hair is clean, to give it some volume and texture.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Right before I quit my job and took the plunge into entrepreneurship, my boyfriend and I backpacked Europe. Florence, Italy has been my all time favorite place so far. The cute restaurants and coffee shops, along with the beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets. Definitely a trip I will always be grateful for.   

Your favorite things about home: My fluffy orange tabby - Mufasa, Anthropologie candles, clean sheets + my back porch.

Favorite Flower: Do succulents count?

Signature Dish: My homemade chicken soup is definitely my go-to.

Best Thrift Find: Vintage jars, vintage leather purses.

How do you take your coffee? Light + sweet, on the rocks.

Best Pinterest Fail: Jess and I had this really awesome, floral print couch. After moving into our second place, we decided to do a few style updates, which included painting the couch black. Yes. We painted our couch. It is now sitting in the garage, and feels like a crusty piece of leather, but at least we got a good laugh out of it.

Jessica | VP | Lead Makeup Artist

A beauty product that you can’t live without: Eyebrow Powder - rarely do I leave the house without filling in the eyebrows.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: New England is where it’s at for me, particularly the RI shore, you’ll find me there most of the summer when I’m not working. However I plan to adventure (not sure where) in the near future.

Your favorite things about home: My French Bulldog rescue - Monte, relaxing on the hammock in the backyard + my bed.  

Favorite Flower: I’m a sucker for Peonies.

Signature Dish: Do fresh squeezed Margs count?

Best Thrift Find: My favorite Ralph Lauren pumps, not to mention the vintage coach purse collection!

How do you take your coffee? Anywhere but Dunkin - Iced with cream + Sugar

Best Pinterest Fail: RIP floral print couch.