Cozy + Intimate Winter Shoot - Emily Kirk Photography - Upstyle Hair and Makeup

Nothing screams “young love” louder than a cozy, intimate engagement shoot complete with couch-cuddling. Think about it. What better environment for a couple to be themselves than in their very own digs?  In-home engagement shoots make for some of the most authentic sentiments to be caught on film and the results are matchless. Nothing is sweeter or more personal than capturing who you are in the walls of your own home. We especially love the idea of having the flexibility to shoot in the dead of winter. Choosing a in-home photo shoot means the cold is no match for winter engagements! Hot chocolate anyone?

    For this shoot we got to collaborate with some of our now 'friendors' to create the images below. Our female model, Aoife of Jack & Grace Events is rocking soft, loose waves for a look that is both effortless and gorgeous. Her makeup reflects the same vibe, furthermore accentuating just how darling and cozy this shoot was.

 While for our purposes we rented a sleek and modern Airbnb in Upstate New York to achieve this project, it goes without saying that an in-home engagement shoot is always a good idea.

Photography: Emily Kirke Photography
Hair + Makeup: Brittany + Jess of Upstyle
Stylist: Allison - AOK Style + Planning